Do Not Speak Well Of Yourself

Hello My Dear Friend
If you want people to think well of
you do not speak well of yourself.

Concentrate On What You can Do

Instead of feeling inferior because someone else
can do something you cannot do, concentrate
on what you can do that others cannot.

Who Knows Where He is Going

The man who has done less than his best have done nothing.
The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going.

So Can Anger Controlled Can Be Transmitted

As heat conserved is transmitted into energy
so can angercontrolled can be transmitted into
a power which can move the world.

A fool May Be Known By Six Things

A fool may be known by six things :anger without cause, speech without profit,
change without progress, enquiry without object,
putting trust in a stranger, mistaking foes for friends.

Basic Principles Are Essential To Success

Loyalty to friends and loyalty to certain basic
principles are essential to success in any sphere.

Na Umeed Shakhs

Na Umeed Shakhs Har Acha Moqa B Gawa Deta Hai,
Pur Umeed Shakhs Har Preshani Mein
B Moqa Talash Ker Leta Hai.

Golden Saying SMS Advice

Golden Saying SMS, Advice SMS
Saying “I did not find time”
shows you did not WISH to do it.

Submitted By: Moderator
Be clean in all matters
and you will never be ashamed.

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Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble.

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Failure establishes only this,
that our determination to succeed
was not strong enough.

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Do not do to others that which
would anger you if others did it to you

Beautiful Advice

One Beautiful Heart Is Better Than Of
Thousand Beautiful Faces.
So Better Choose People Having
Beautiful Heart Rather Than Of Beautiful Faces.

Advice Sms For All

“Jis Nay Tujhay Teray Aeib Bataiy
Agar Tujhey Aqal Ho Tu Beshak Us Nay Tujh Per
Ehsan Ki Inteha Kardi”.

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