Happy Christmas To all Workers Message For Workers

* Hope On this Christmas
Hi My Dear Workers!
Peace, love and hope On this Christmas.
It is the wish of (COMPANY NAME).
Happy Christmas!

* To all workers
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I want to (COMPANY NAME) to all Workers
collaborators and partners business. May God bless
their homes and allow us to continue to achieve our goals.
Happy Christmas

I Hide My Tears When I Say ur Name

I hide my tears when I say ur name,

but the pain in my heart is still the same

Although I Smile n Seem Care free,

There ia no 1 Who misses u more than ME!

But The Scar Will Last Forever

A broken heart is like a dog bite.
The pain will go away,
but the scar will last forever

Anson Tak Pi Jate Hain

humari pyas ka andaz bhi bohat munfarid hai ADEEB
kabhi daryaon ko thukrate hain to kabi anson tak pi jate hain

Dhokha to Apane hi Dete Hai

Tanha tanha se rahate hai.
Dard hota hai to chup hoke sahate hai.
Gam k0 yaha dikhaye kise,
Dhokha to apane hi dete hai.

Break My Heart Destroy My Soul

Break my heart ,destroy my soul

and leave me crying

i’d still love you

and i won’t expect you to

love me in return …

Kuch Log is Tarha Bhi

bana k chor dete hain wo apne wajood ka addi
kuch log is tarha bhi muhabat ki saza dete hain

Muhabbat Hi Kafi Hai

A Khudaya Tu Ne Kyun Banai “Aatish-E-Dozakh”
Muhabbat Hi Kafi He Insaan Ko “Jalany” K Liye

When Someone Loves You

when someone loves you,

you dont realize it when u realize it.its to late.

you always leave the one who loves you,

and love the one who leaves you.


when someone very special hurts u so deeply,
causes tears in ur eyes.
and ask,”What Happend”?
but u just reply,

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