I Am Happy For You Congrats

I am happy for you
and for the college.
Along with the Faculty
and Alumni I congratulate you.
I look forward to continuing
to work with you
as our new President.
God Bless You!

Enclosed is one Big Hug Congratulations

A hug is a perfect gift One size fits all
and nobody minds if you exchange it
Enclosed is one big hug Congratulations

Congratulations I Knew That

Congratulations I knew that if someone could
do it then it must be you Well done my friend

Wishing You Luck And Success

On your graduation!
Wishing you luck & success
In all that you do!

Congrats on The Taking The Leap

Congrats on the taking the leap!
But the leash will be in her hands
Best wishes for your marriage

Good luck God Bless

Good luck God Bless, I say And many Blessings and
wishes on your new baby

Congratulations on one of Your Best Moments

Congratulations on one of your best
moments This calls for a celebration

And Time For Me To Say Congrats

You’ve graduated…

Its’ time for you to:

- Live it up
- To smile
- Take a bow

And time for me to say…
Way to go and WOW!

Congtars But I will MISS U

Heard you have got a new JOB
This place won’t be same without you
Congtars But I will MISS U

Congrats Really Cool You Did It

Really Cool!
You Did It!
Way to go!
Great Work!