Start With Name of ALLAH

:””–””: Welcom
“. .” a
“v” Lovly
start with name of
.+’”; w ‘; ‘;
‘+.+;’ ; ; ;
‘+. .+”+. .+
Have a Nice Day

Fly in The Plane of Ambition

Fly in the plane of Ambition & Land in the Airport
of Success…Luck is yours,Wish is mine
May Ur future always shine…Good Luck

Have a Beautiful and Smart Week

I Wish 4 ” U ”
Great start 4 Monday
No Obstacles 4 Tuesday
No stress 4 Wednesday
No worry 4 Thursday
Smile 4 Friday
Party 4 Saturday
& Great fun 4 Sunday
“Have a beautiful and smart week.”

You Are The Sun in My Day

You are the sun in my day,
The wind in my sky,
The waves in my ocean,
And the beat in my heart.

All Things Come To End But

Flowers die,
Stories End,
Songs Fade,
Memories are forgotten,
All things come to End,
“Presious People” Like “You”
Are always remembered.

You For Me To Love

I believe that God above created you for me to love.
He picked you out from all the rest
cause He knew i’d love you the best!

Khiltay Phuloo Ki Rida Ho Jay

Khiltay Phuloo Ki
Rida Ho Jay
Itni Hasas Hawa
Ho Jaye
MangtE He Hath Par
Khushya Rakh Day
Itna Meherban ap
Per KHUDA Ho Jay

Apka Garmio Ka Tofa

Lo ji

Apka garmio ka tofa

( ;;;; )
\”/ Ice Cream
\/ For You

Zaban maar ke farward ker dain.
Germi sirf aap ko hi nhi lagti..:-)


GOOD RELATIONS are just like “WATER”
No colour, No shape, No place, No taste
But still very “Important” for LIFE.

Life asked Death

Life asked Death .
Why people Love me and hate you ?
Death replied Because you are a “Beautiful” Lie.
And I am a “Painful” Truth .

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