Sugar In Your Tea

Staying At A Small Town
Hotel, A Man Ordered Tea.
Shortly Afterwards,
A Girl Threw Open The Door.
Sugar In Your Tea? She Shouted.
…No, Thank You, Man Replied.

Ah, Well, Don’t Stir It Then… =P

BOTH Never Help In

Is d best Answer
for all questions

Is d best Reaction
in all situations


BOTH Never Help In

Now Simply Read From Bottom To Top

Before Marriage:-

He: yes! atlast it was so hard 2 wait
she:do you want me 2 leave?
He: No! don’t even think about it
She: do you love me ?
He:ofcourse! over n over!
She:have u ever cheated on me?
He:No!y r u even asking?
She:will u go on wid me on picnic?
He:every chance I get!
She:will u hit me ?
He:R u crazy?I’m not that kind of person!
She:can I trust u?
She: Darling!

After marriage…
Now simply read from bottom to top

Press Down To See Name

No Quality+No Style=Laloo
No Quality but Style=Sania,
Quality but No Style=Abdul kalam.
Quality+Style =Guess
U r right
Press down to see Name n
phone no.

Dont Smile Call Me Immediately

Where r u? what r u doing?
R u busy? How much busy?
Ltl or more?
If ltl, Y dont u call me?
If more busy, then who asked u 2 read this?
Dont smile, call me immediately.

How 2 Become a GENIUS

How 2 become a GENIUS ?
*some text missing*
find the missing text &
surely you’ll become a GENIUS.

Why Some People Dont Wear Helmet

Why some people don’t wear helmet?
Helmet protects the “BRAIN”
They don’t need protection
They don’t have any brain
So b street smart
Always wear helmet.

Class Rooms Are Like a Train

Class Rooms are like a Train
1st Two Rows are Executive Coaches Reserved for VIP
Middle 3 are General Compartments
Last 2 r Sleeper Coche.

Why Do Girls Live Longer

Q: Why d0 Girls live l0nger than B0ys?
Ans: Sh0pping never causes heart attacks,but p@ying the bill d0es :-)

Not In Working Condition

Breaking News
ATM @ Gulshan-e-Iqbal Is Jammed &
Not In Working Condition
Sardar’s Wife Put Hair pin In Machine
When It Said”, Enter Ur PIN” ;)