Short But Deep Quote

“Short but deep quote”.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment,
take the Moment and make it perfect.

When Everything Seems

“When everything seems to be going against you..

Remember that the Airplane takes off againt the wind, not with it…!”

Good Morning

Your Heart Is Your Great Friend

Your Heart is your great friend if you control it.


Your Heart is your greatest enemy if it controls you..!

So always try to control ur heart..!

Good Morning

Life Is A Combination

“Life is a combination of adjustments and Compromises.

Adjust when Someone wants to be with you


compromise when you want to be with Someone..!”

Good Morning My Dear

A Successful Relation

“A successful relation doesn’t
depend on how good understanding we have.
But it depends on how better
we avoid mis understandings”

God Bless You Sms Messages

* There Are Some Questions
Best Line Writen In Front Of A Masjid In New York:
“Always Belive In God,
Bcoz There Are Some Questions In Grave That Cannot
Be Answerd By any Way in This world
God Bless You My Dear
* Always remember 3 things
When sadness fills your heart,
When tears flow in your eyes,
Always remember 3 things,
1.Allah is with you,
2.Still with you,
3.Always with u.
God Bless You My Sweet Son
* Life Is A Combination
“Life Is A Combination Of Adjustments And Compromises.
Adjust When Someone Wants To Be With You &
Compromise When You Want To Be With Someone..!
God Bless U For Ur Future….
* Bahadur Itna He
Insan Itna Kmzor He K Choti Choti Chezon Se Dr Jata He…
, Or,
Bahadur Itna He K
“KHUDA ” Se Nahi Drta…

Latest Wise Word Sms Messages

* Just Hate That Situation
Sometimes Situation Makes U To Hate Some1,
But Dont Hate That Person,
Just Hate That Situation.
Bcoz Nobody Is Bad, Situation Makes A Person Bad.
* A Fantastic Opportunity
Between Yesterday’s Mistakes &
Tomorrow’s Hope There Is A Fantastic Opportunity Called Today..!!
* Always Find Time To Smile
“Don’t Take Life Too Serious, Always Find Time To Smile.
Remember, That Smile Not Adds Years To Your Life But
Adds More Life To Your Years…!”
* Shietan Ne ALLAH PAK Se
Shietan Ne ALLAH PAK Se Sawal Kiya K:
Duniya Main Mairay Khanay K Liye Kya Hay??
ALLAH PAK Nay Farmaya Wo Tamam Cheezin Jin Pr
Nhi Parhtay Wo Tumhari Hain
So Sub Logon Ko
(BISMILLAH) Ki Value Btayain

Coolest Sms Messages of 2012

* Shakespear Says:
“We Make 100 Mistakes Daily, But We Do Not Hate Ourslf…
Our Friend Make Only 1 Mistake & We Hate Him In 1 Second…”
* Nights Left Open To Chance
“For The Happiest Life, Days Should Be Rigorously Planned
Nights Left Open To Chance.”
(Mignon Mclaughlin)
* Auto Graph Plz
Write There Any Special Words For
I Will Save It.
* Ek Genius Sardar
Ek Genius Sardar Ne Bill Gates Ko Khat Likha
Sir, Mujhe Kuch Sawal Poochne Hen
1. Keyboard K Letters Sahi Jaga Nahi Hen, Keyboard Ka Sahi Version Kab Ayega?
2. Windows Main START Ka Button Hy, STOP Ka Nahi
3. Hum Ms-Word Use Karte Hen, Mr-Word Kab Release Hoga?
4. Keyboard Main ANY KEY Ka Button Nahi to Computer Q Maangta Hy?
Aakhir Main ek Zati Sawal
5. Aap Ka Naam GATES Hai To Aap WINDOWS Q Banatay Hen?

Quote About Life 2012

What is the meaning of Life ?
“Life itself has no meaning,
LifE is an Opportunity to create a Meaning.

Valentines Day Quotes 2012

* Always Remain Fresh
Distance never break a relation and
Closeness never builds a relation.
If feelings r true and honest,
All relations will always Remain fresh. Happy Valentines Day
* Never Test Good People
Never test good people because good people are like “diamonds”
when you hit them, they would not break
but they will slip away from your life. Mis u alot. Happy Valentines Day
* How Life Is Without You
“Its not alwayz neccesary to run behind people & show ur love..
sometimes give them space to realise your worth and
know how life is widout you. Happy Valentines Day
* Tip for a Lifetime
“Try to pretend that You are Happy, Slowly it becomes your Habit
& Gradually it becomes your Character. Happy Valentines Day

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