Aaj SoRRy Day Hai

Aaj soRRy day hai,

Agar meRi koi baat buRi lagi ho tou.!

_/) )
Paatli Gali se Nikal ley shabash !

Beta Hum yeh Din nahi Manatey.

Sorry Sms Hindi

* Tum hasti ho mujhe hasane ke liye
Tum roti ho mujhe rulane ke liye
meri jaan me to zinda hun
sirf or sirf tum ko manany k liay

* You can hit me
You can scold me
You can even torture me!
But please listen to me.
I am sorry
I would do anything to make up for it

* I am sorry i love you
you are my life,
how can i forget you,
you are my sweet wife.

Sorry Sms Messages in Urdu

* Main ek adna insan hun khata ka putla main ne aj tk
bahot si khataein ki hain aj main ap sab se un
ghaltiun ki maafi mangta hun. Im so Sorry

* MAAFI mangnay ka ye matlab hargiz
nahi hota hai. K
Aap Ghalat Ho.
Iska Matlab Hai k
Aap Apne Taaluq ko Apni Anaa se Ziyada Ehmiyat Dete Hain.

This is a special SORRY to u,
Plz excuse my all mistakes .
Remember me in ur Prayerz .

Sorry Quotes Sms in English

* I say sorry to all of you if i ever hurt you
or upset so please forgive my all faults.

* There Is A
That Could Fall
Let Forgiveness Wash Away The

* A Good Apology Has 3 Parts!
1) I’m Sorry
2) It’s My Fault
3) What Can I Do To Make It Right.
Most Of The People Misses The 3rd Part.

* When you realize you’ve made a mistake,
make amends immediately. It’s easier to eat crow
while it’s still warm.

Sorry Sms For Not Replying

* Sorry Dear I Was Busy. I Was Attending
My Class Therefore I Ca’nt Reply You.
I Am Really Sorry.

* Sorry For Not Replying Dear Because
I Was Sick So I Could Not Reply You Soon.
Sorry Again

* I Am So So Sorry Sweetie You Are Most
Important For Me But I Can’t Reply Due
To Network Problem. im So Sorry

Sorry Sms For Disturbing

* I Am Very Sorry If I Am Disturbing You
Or My Messages Are Causing To Disturb
You Sooooooorrry.

* I Think I’m Disturbing U
This Is My Last Msg
I’ll Not Msg U Anymore . . .
Good Bye

* If I Disturb U
I Am Sorry!
But I Need
To Say
Love… Disturbing You…SORRY BABA

Sorry Sms Quotes For Sweetheart

* You Are My Life I Ca’nt Live Without You Sorruy
So I Want To Say A Very Special Sorry.

* I’m Sorry To Be Smiling Every Time You’re Near.
I’m Sorry My Eyes Twinkle Whenever You’re Here
I’m Sorry I Love You.

* I Feel The Tear Go Down My Cheek, I Notice That My Heart
Is Weak, For The Love I Have For You, Will Always Be Gold And True,
I Have Made Some Mistakes, They Rest In The Past, But Know My Love
Will Always Last, Even Though We Are A Distance Apart, I Am Sorry.

Sorry Sms For Fiance

* You Are Going To Be My Life Partner.
So I Want An Excuse For My Last Wrong Doing
And Will Try To Become Good Partner.

* Heartbeat Of Love When I Look Deep
In Your Eyes I See The Belief That Had On Me.
I Say Sorry To My Becoming Life.

* If Everyone Forgets You, I Am With You,
If Everyone Lets You Down, I Am With You,
If Everyone Betrays You, I Am Still With You,
But If Everyone Likes You, ‘Sorry I Am With Them……

Forgive Me My Loved One Sms

* 1. I Love You More Then Anybody
Yet Though I Beg You Please Forgive Me.
Sorry im so Sorry

* 2. From Mon To Sun, From Jan To Dec,
From Birth Till My Death,
My Feelings 4 U Have Never Changed.
For Me, Please Forgive Me

* 3. My Friendship Is Like An Onion
Which Has Many Layers In It,
It Will Add Taste To Your Life,
But If You Try To Cut It, You Will Have
Tears In Your Eyes.. Forgive Me PLZ

Forgive Me Sms Messages In English

* 1. Sometimes Our Friends Are Angry And It’s Because
Of Our Own Mistakes, And When We Realize It We Feel
That We Should Say Sorry, I Say Sorry Please Forgive Me.

* 2. How Sorry I Am For All
That Happens Between Us …
I Just Say From Bottom Of My Heart
Please Forgive Me

* 3. I Have Commited A Sin To Make You Sad,
And Am Realising That Am Very Bad,
So, Plz Forgive Me To Lessen The Grief,
Ur Forgiveness Will Led To A Relief,
So Plz Forgive Me

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