Cute Feeling

Cute feeling..

My hands never pain when typing message for you.

But my heart always pain
when there is no reply
from You.

Some Great People Said

Some great people said.

. “If u born poor its not ur mistake, but if u die poor its ur mistake.”

. “Don’t compare ur self with anyone in this world. If u do so, u r insulting ur self.”

. “If u start judging people u wil be having no time to love them…”

Jab Insan ko Dolat Taakat

“Jab insan ko
Taakat aur
Ikhtiyar mil jata hai to woh badalta nahi hai balky us ki asliyat samnay aa jati hai”

Death is not Biggest Loss in Life

“Death is not Biggest Loss in Life.
the Biggest Loss is
Relations Die and we are
Always Remain in Touch with Good Relations.

Latest Wise Word Sms Messages

* Just Hate That Situation
Sometimes Situation Makes U To Hate Some1,
But Dont Hate That Person,
Just Hate That Situation.
Bcoz Nobody Is Bad, Situation Makes A Person Bad.
* A Fantastic Opportunity
Between Yesterday’s Mistakes &
Tomorrow’s Hope There Is A Fantastic Opportunity Called Today..!!
* Always Find Time To Smile
“Don’t Take Life Too Serious, Always Find Time To Smile.
Remember, That Smile Not Adds Years To Your Life But
Adds More Life To Your Years…!”
* Shietan Ne ALLAH PAK Se
Shietan Ne ALLAH PAK Se Sawal Kiya K:
Duniya Main Mairay Khanay K Liye Kya Hay??
ALLAH PAK Nay Farmaya Wo Tamam Cheezin Jin Pr
Nhi Parhtay Wo Tumhari Hain
So Sub Logon Ko
(BISMILLAH) Ki Value Btayain

Coolest Sms Messages of 2012

* Shakespear Says:
“We Make 100 Mistakes Daily, But We Do Not Hate Ourslf…
Our Friend Make Only 1 Mistake & We Hate Him In 1 Second…”
* Nights Left Open To Chance
“For The Happiest Life, Days Should Be Rigorously Planned
Nights Left Open To Chance.”
(Mignon Mclaughlin)
* Auto Graph Plz
Write There Any Special Words For
I Will Save It.
* Ek Genius Sardar
Ek Genius Sardar Ne Bill Gates Ko Khat Likha
Sir, Mujhe Kuch Sawal Poochne Hen
1. Keyboard K Letters Sahi Jaga Nahi Hen, Keyboard Ka Sahi Version Kab Ayega?
2. Windows Main START Ka Button Hy, STOP Ka Nahi
3. Hum Ms-Word Use Karte Hen, Mr-Word Kab Release Hoga?
4. Keyboard Main ANY KEY Ka Button Nahi to Computer Q Maangta Hy?
Aakhir Main ek Zati Sawal
5. Aap Ka Naam GATES Hai To Aap WINDOWS Q Banatay Hen?

1 Sacha Chahny Wala Ap Se

1 Sacha Chahny Wala Ap Se Har Tarah Ki Bat Krta Hy
Hr Mouzo Py Bat Krta Hy
Jab K,
Dhoka Deny Wala Sirf Pyar ki Bat Krta Hy.
Hazrat Ali.(R.A).

Tum Par ILM Talab Karna

“Tum par ILM talab karna RIZQ talab karnay say ziyada Farz hay

kiun K Rizq to Taqseem ho chuka hay or wo Tum tak zarur puhnchay ga
Hazrat Ali (R,A).

Teen Chizon Ko Kabi Nahi Bhoolna

“Jab tumhe Khushiyan Milne Lagen Tou Teen Chizon Ko Kabi Nahi Bhoolna”

1-Allah Ko.
2-UsKi Makhlooq Ko.
3-Apni Auqaat Ko.